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Oslo's City Council wants to grant free alcohol serving licenses and rent of street space throughout the year Norway Today 12:10 Mon, 29 Mar the leading proprietary investor conference series, today announced the One of the largest newspapers in Norway based in Havnelageret, Oslo Your most complete guide to Norway with up to date news and analysis covering breaking news, economy, business, culture, politics and more from the region NAV · News · Oslo: 35-year-old man accused of illegally claiming 10 million kroner in corona support

Those who support the democracy narrative believe that it was democracy, and not the left, that was attacked.

Ferd Vi skal skape varige verdier og sette tydelige spor.

Ideas about why this happened differ, but most agree that Norway handled the attack well, and that our values are stronger today. This narrative is widespread in society: 40 percent strongly support it. Support for this narrative comes from people who are sad, but not angry, when they think about July 22.

They have high political trust, centrist voting preferences and their position on immigration is neither liberal nor restrictive. The reason behind the attack is right-wing extremist ideology, which means there is a need for more discussion about the July 22 and to take a clearer stance against the ideology behind it, to prevent it from happening again.

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This narrative also has considerable support, although not as much as the democracy narrative: 25 percent fully support it. Proponents of this narrative feel sad, angry and afraid when they think about July 22 — much more so than the rest of the population.

They do not have particularly high political trust, have a liberal position on immigration, and vote for left-wing parties Labour, the Socialist Left and the far-left party, Red. Those who support the far-right narrative have a totally different understanding of July 22. According to this narrative, the target selection was not political, although the reason behind the attack was immigration policy.

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Cough into a tissue or your bent elbow. Wash your hands afterwards.

Is the infection dangerous? The new coronavirus causes respiratory infection that can range from mild symptoms to more severe illness.

The symptoms resemble those of colds and influenza.

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This highlights the importance of exercise assessment in these patients, and challenges the current opinion of male sex as a risk factor in itself. Risk stratification based on sex may underestimate the risk of physically active female AC-patients.

The study concluded that disease penetrance was fairly high in family members both at inclusion and during follow-up. Rate of progression was similar in probands and family members with arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy and structural progression was associated with higher incidence of severe arrhythmic event in arrhythmia free patients during follow-up. People were requested not to visit others in institutions with vulnerable groups the elderly, psychiatry, prison etc.

The public transport schedule was to run as normal, to ensure that people with critical social functions could get to and from work and be able to distance themselves from each other. On 16 March, non-residents were banned from entering Norway.

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People suspected or confirmed to be infected must follow stricter home isolation rules. The government established fines for people violating home quarantine and home isolation rules or organizing events.

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Norges Bank first cut the national prime rate by a half point to 1.

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October 2020[ edit ] 35 variations of the virus have been found in Norway. According to airport employees, many passengers left the airport without getting tested first. Prevention measures and response[ edit ] The Norwegian Directorate of Health introduced a number of measures from Thursday 12 March 2020: [38] All educational institutions were closed and organized sports activities were to be discontinued. A number of events and businesses were closed, including cultural events, sports events, gyms and swimming pools. All establishments in the hospitality industry such as bars, pubs and clubs other than those serving food were to close, and any establishment serving food would have to ensure that visitors could stay at least 1 meter apart. Healthcare professionals working with patient care were prohibited from traveling abroad until 20 April 2020. The ban applied to both business travel and private travel.

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